Kasa - Silicone Teething & Nursing Necklace

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This Silicone Teething Necklace is sure to keep your baby happily chewing, tugging and playing for that sweet mom-baby bonding time! This mommy jewelry can also be used as a Nursing Necklace to give baby something to grab and hold on to during feeding times! These also make great Mother's Day or Baby Shower gifts!

This necklace is perfect for those monochromatic mamas! Or, add it to a bright t-shirt to tie in the accessories on your wrist like our black silicone bangle!

♥First and foremost, Mom, this is for you!♥

We've designed many different pieces of jewelry to keep you fashionable in anything...from sweat pants to work blouses!

➼ All of our jewelry is child friendly and was designed to keep your babies cute little hands and mouths busy. Your wee one will be working on their sensory skills as they focus in on the colors, textures, and shapes of the jewelry. Whether you're feeding your baby or standing in the checkout line, these will certainly get plenty of attention from not only your babe, but other mothers around.

➼ This necklace is roughly 33" long and falls approximately to mid-chest. Each necklace is made using a strong, quick dry nylon cord with a breakaway clasp for safety.

All of our silicone beads are:
- Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone
- BPA Free
- No PVC's
- No Phthalates
- No Lead
- FDA Approved

♥ We take pride in knowing what our jewelry is made of and have chosen only the best products we would trust to have in our own babes' hands.

➼ To care for your necklace: Gently rub the beads using a mild soap with warm water. Rinse and let them air dry.

➼ ➼ Please note that although the jewelry sold in our shop is handcrafted to be safe for your child, please never leave your child unattended with any of the items you purchase from us. Like most toys, the jewelry sold in this shop can only take so much wear and tear. Please check the jewelry prior to each time you give it to your baby to ensure they will be safe, even with your supervision.

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